ILAS assembly station by laser soldering and/or sintering










ILAS fulfils the functions of three machines:
screen printing, pick and place and reflow oven.

ILAS is optimized for the production of small series with innovating processes of electronic components transfer.

• Concentration on a sole machine of screen printing, component transfer and sintering/soldering
• Dynamic servo control of process parameters: temperature, pressure, position
• Automatic process completion by detection of phase changes
• Customization of parameters for each process step
• Assembly under inert gas
• Overheating localized on sintering/soldering area, protecting the component from overheating
• Process traceability and analysis for parameter optimization

Industrialization Laser Assembly Station


As basic version ILAS includes a continuous laser heat input YAG of 600W. This power allows the lead frame to reach a temperature of 250°C within 2s. The spot size is configurable from diameter 4 to 16mm with a « Top Hat » energy distribution. The temperature is homogeneous on the subordinate face of component. The overheating power is piloted throughout the process.


• Programming: The Man‐Machine‐Interface (MMI) allows the operator to select the program to be used during his manufacturing campaign. Beforehand programs are created on a user‐friendly interface in the form of steps. These steps define the component sintering/soldering process.

• Process tracking: During the process cycle, displacements and force are displayed in real time on MMI. The operator can keep track of the process and check that the transfer cycle complies with scheduled sequences.

• Analysis and post‐treatment: Parameters and data are saved for post treatment analysis of events that occurred during process cycle. This analysis allows process improvement and the combination of laser with electromagnetic head operation.


ILAS can integrate additional functions such as:
• flow laying,
• sintering dough laying,
• pellet and slab handling,
• automatic positioning assisted by camera,
• work area inerting by neutral gas,
• component rotation
• Automatic change of laser spot size…


Laser: YAG 600W continuous / integrated cooling unit
Electrical consumption: 5kVA
Electromagnetic head: Soldering force: +/‐5N, sintering force: 200N, travel resolution: 0.1μm
Electromagnetic head arm: 3 servo axes, interpolated: X,Y,Z
X,Y axes: linear motors and precision measuring
Z axis: ball screw / motor / Brushless brake absolute encoder
Axes positioning repeatability : ± 1μm
Laser head: Beam type « Top Hat », 3 interchangeable head optics (3x3/8x8/16x16)
Laser head arm: X,Y Axes: linear motors and precision measuring
Machine size: 1400mm x 1200mm x 2000mm
Machine weight: 1 ton



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