The Modern Standard for Acoustic Microscopes

Maximum Flexibility for Detailed C-SAM
The D9600™ C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscopeis part of the new generation in Acoustic Microscopy Imaging (AMI) innovation. Whether your needs are for failure analysis, process development, material characterization, low-volume production or other lab inspections, the D9600 delivers unmatched capabilities. Operating in both reflection and/or transmission modes, the D9600 provides a level of accuracy and robustness that sets the modern standard for AM imaging.

• PolyGate™ technology with Multi-Gate™ and Probing-Gate™ functions capable of single and multi-focus imaging
• Up to 100 gates per channel
• Windows® 7 Ultimate for multi-language and 64 bit capabilities
• Linear Rod Motor Scanner is capable of scanning JEDEC trays
• More precise with tower mounted scan reference platform and sample fixture
• Easy-access scanning area makes loading and unloading easier
• Quantitative B-Scan Analysis Mode (Q-BAM)™ incorporates Sonoscan’s proprietary B-Scan mode to provide a virtual cross-sectional view with accurate polarity, amplitude and depth data
• Optional water recirculation, Waterfall™ transducer, and inline temperature control are available
• Optional Digital Image Analysis (DIA)™ uses advanced algorithms to quantify the acoustic data and allows you to set accurate, automatic, accept/reject criteria


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